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LUMI en NFGD combineren hun knowhow voor nieuwe (virtuele) vormen van AVA's

12 april 2018

Lumi, de toonaangevende marktleider op het gebied van technologie voor AVA’s (Algemene Vergaderingen van Aandeelhouders) en ledenvergaderingen, is verheugd een intensief partnership aan te kondigen met de NFGD, het oudste, immer creatieve audiovisuele bedrijf van Nederland.

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ASA leads reform of AGMs

10 mei 2017

The Australian Shareholders’ Association (ASA) held a hybrid AGM today, the first not-for-profit to do so, leading the way in showing listed entities how to hold a contemporary AGM utilising Lumi's technology.

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Vespa Capital invests in Lumi, an industry leader in AGM and event software

12 april 2017

Vespa Capital is pleased to announce it has backed the management buy out of Lumi . The transaction successfully completed on 4th April 2017.

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Crystal Interactive Acquires UK Live Events Business From Lumi

18 januari 2017

Lumi, the global market leader in real-time audience engagement has sold its UK business, IML Interactive UK, to competitor Crystal Interactive - creating the largest event technology company in the UK.

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Lumi Works with Microsoft to Open Up Meetoo PowerPoint Add-In For All Users

07 december 2016

Lumi, the global leader in real-time audience and student engagement technology, has released an important new feature for its Meetoo PowerPoint add-in. Every Meetoo user can now insert live polls into their PowerPoints, even during the presentation, and see the results displayed in real-time. The add-in fully integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint and can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Office store.

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Lumi Introduces Enhanced Ways to Engage an Audience with New Release of Event App 

02 december 2016

Lumi, a global market leader in real-time audience engagement technology, has further enhanced its Event App with a range of new features to optimise the value of meetings and conferences for attendees and organisers alike. This latest release incorporates new ways for organisers to engage with attendees and for attendees to become more interactive during the event.

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Lumi and Kantar Health win Prestigious Award for mHealth Application

20 juli 2016

Lumi Technologies has won the MRMW award for the Best Use of Mobile Technology for the second year running.

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Lumi Launches QuickSay to Speed Mobile Adoption

20 juli 2016

New respondent engagement tool designed to bring market research in line with current consumer behavior, enhance panelist engagement and ensure fewer dropouts.

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New Meetoo Release Encourages More Candid and Confidential Insight into Audience Views

22 april 2016

New privacy settings and enhanced customization adds significant value to real-time messaging and polling application Participants at meetings and events worldwide can now give honest and uninhibited feedback on topics under discussion thanks to the latest updates to the Meetoo audience engagement app from Lumi. Meetoo is a real-time messaging and polling

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Lumi Launches Meetoo to Revolutionize Meetings Through Live Polling and Messaging

09 juli 2015

Meetoo will revolutionize meetings by providing a platform that makes it easy for every attendee to participate, including sharing feedback anonymously.

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